| Street Photographer



I´m a street photographer.
Travelling around the world, doing what I want; taking pictures of people.



For me, street photography is discovering and documenting what others usually don´t see. Small human events in the public space, which normally go unnoticed, but in the frozen moment leaving traces. My passion for this classic genre is based on a genuine interest in people of all ages and social classes. Hidden behind my photos are miles of walking, hours of waiting at interesting places, traveling by train, tram and metro and the odd bar hanging. The basic rule is to never arrange, never talk to anyone I shoot in advance and never with people I know or have met before. It is an exciting journey of the unexpected and rapidly changing moment is the reward.

Over a ten year period in the late 70's and into the 80's I worked as a reporter and photographer in Gothenburg suburbs, which later took me to other cities and a continuation of the journalistic path. The last 20 years I have lived in swedish town, Borås, where I work at an advertising agency. Today street photography dominates my spare time. The constant ongoing drama gives new highs and pushing me forward. For who knows what awaits around the next corner? 


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